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SAN Sablon is the second child of the SAN family by chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre.

Around a bowl and a spoon, each restaurant shares a vision of a urban gastronomy, open-minded and treasuring products. Inside its Sablon cocoon, Pierre-Jean Antoine and his team introduce a refined and unique cuisine.

Each bowl questions a product, enlightens its savory range thanks to a smart combination of techniques and textures. Following the seasons and the gourmet rendez-vous, SAN Sablon cuisine is generous, passionate and thrilling.

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The team

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Since the beginning of 2022, Pierre-Jean Antoine has been the new head of SAN Sablon. He comes to offer his own cuisine, integrated for the occasion into the bowl dear to Sang Hoon Degeimbre, for whom he worked within his team at the restaurant L’air du temps**, in Liernu.

A backpacker and always up for it, Pierre-Jean puts all his heart, but also all his energy, his good humor and his booming talent into each of his bowls.

In his own way, but as since the beginning of the SAN Sablon adventure, Pierre-Jean conceives each dish as an experience, which he imagines, works and reworks, in order to find the fairest balance. Curious about everything and tireless, the young chef “to follow” of the moment has jumped into his new uniform with both feet and has only one desire: to sublimate the most beautiful products and continue to evolve.


Rue Joseph Stevens 12
1000 Brussels
+32 (0)2 512 42 12
Throughout the month of March 2023, we are exceptionally open in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday and Saturday noon. Closed on Sundays Mondays and every lunchtime (except Saturdays).

Closed from 11 April to 19 april 2023 at noon
Reopening on 19 April at 7 pm

Closed from 1 to 17 August 2023 at noon
Reopening on 17 August at 7 pm

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Here are our menus… Complete, varied and different.
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95 €


EXCEPTIONNALY from Tuesday to Saturday evening & Saturday at noon
95 €
EXCEPTIONNALY from Tuesday to Saturday evening & Saturday at noon
like a vitello tonato
vegetables from our garden served in a lactofermented juice « plat signature de L’air du temps »
green juice
catch of the moment
like a tatin tart
petits fours
sourdough bread, raw milk farmed butter
Our producers near us: Nicolas Maréchal, belAkker, the garden from La Finca, UrbiLeaf, Royal Belgian Caviar from Turnhout, Jérôme Demeyer, Lothar Vilz, les champignons de Bruxelles, Boon brewery