SAN Sablon is the second child of the SAN family by chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre.
Around a bowl and a spoon, each restaurant shares a vision of a urban gastronomy, open-minded and treasuring products.

Inside its Sablon cocoon, Valerio Borriero and his team introduce a refined and unique cuisine.

Each bowl questions a product, enlightens its savory range thanks to a smart combination of techniques and textures.

Following the seasons and the gourmet rendez-vous, SAN Sablon cuisine is generous, passionate and thrilling.

The Team

Since early 2019, Valerio Borriero is SAN Sablon’s chef. He writes what should be gastronomy in his mind : creative, savory and sustainable. Curious for products, heating techniques and fermentation, he is always looking for innovating, offering to his guests a brand new experience.

He is surrounded by a team of passionate people : Sachin Malhotra, Sylvain Claes, Nicolas Dekegel, Jamal El Madani.